Code of Conduct

Our members are proud to be checked by Trading Standards and are committed to treating their customers fairly and doing the right thing. To support this you will agree to follow the Trading Standards Checked Code of Conduct.

  • Be courteous, honest and respectful in all dealings as a trader.
  • Deal with all complaints received in a prompt and professional manner.
  • They will work positively to resolve issues and have agreed to enter into Alternative Dispute Resolution should it be requested by the customer.
  • Always provide correct and relevant paperwork before commencing any work.
  • Never attempt to carry out any work for which they are not suitably qualified to undertake.
  • Perform all work to a high standard and adhere to relevant industry standards & legislation.
  • Have adequate Public Liability Insurance and, if applicable, Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Comply with all relevant UK Legislation.
  • Take responsibility for any sub-contractors, sub-consultants, sub-advisers and sub-agents that they engage, and for any work completed on their behalf at your property.
  • Keep customers informed. Especially if they are late to an appointment or will not be able to make it, work is not going to be completed on time or there are necessary changes to the agreed schedule of works that may increase the cost.
  • Ensure only appropriate content is published on their profile, with no offensive language or discriminatory remarks.
  • Comply with the spirit and detail of civil and criminal laws relevant to their business.
  • Do not cold call to obtain business. This includes door knocking, telephone calls etc.
  • Do not take advantage of vulnerable consumers. Try to provide additional support and assistance to vulnerable consumers.
  • Never demand that payments are made in cash.
  • Never take a customer to a bank or cash point for them to withdraw cash to pay for work.
  • Never be verbally or physically abusive or threatening to customers.