Customer Reviews

When deciding which trader to use, customer reviews can be really useful to help you choose a trader that is right for you.

We launched our customer review service in May 2024 so it will take some time for our traders to collect reviews.

Why are reviews important?

Customer reviews are particularly important in the home improvement trade for several reasons:

  1. Building Trust: It is important that you feel able to trust any business that you employ and the person who is coming into your home. The trade sector can sometimes be difficult in this respect. Customer reviews however, can give you a better sense of the business and the people involved with it. Reviews are, mostly, honest accounts from previous customers, giving you greater insight and and more peace of mind about the business you might employ.

  2. Digital Word-of-Mouth: While traditional word-of-mouth is still very valuable, online reviews are now essential in this digital era. Doing your research and reading reviews online before making a decision to spend money has become the norm. Detailed and honest customer reviews can answer questions and address concerns before you even need to make contact with the business.

  3. Set the business apart: Reviews can be a powerful tool to help you understand a businesses' commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to quality standards.

  4. Response to Reviews: Have a look and see if the business responds to customer reviews. If they do, it shows they values their customers’ opinions and also how they deal with any complaints. Some complaints and negative reviews are to expected, but it is how they are dealt with that is important and can sometimes tell you more about a business.

Further peace of mind

To further your research about a business, you can also check public reviews of the companies or traders you are considering more widely online.
Below is a quick "How to" video

Partnership with is a service provided by Referenceline. It aims to enhance transparency and credibility in the home improvement sector by collecting and showcasing verified, transparent reviews from real customers, not fake ones. By partnering with Referenceline to provide reviews for Trading Standards Checked members, we are enhancing the reputation of our members as well as further creating a safe environment for the the residents of Kent. With the addition of customer reviews you can be even more confident in making your decision to employ a trader.

What if things go wrong?

If things go wrong you can seek advice from the Citizens Advice consumer service. KCC Trading Standards monitors complaints on all individual members of the scheme.

Contact Citizens Advice

0808 223 1133